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Click : use skill and tell and search and decide
WASD / Arrow keys : move
1-4 : use item
Esc : open menu window


A border nation surrounded by lush green mountains, Almenand.
In this quiet nation, a rumor about a "water of immortality that sleeps underground beneath its castle" began to spread, attracting large numbers of adventurers.
Some dreamt of wealth.
Others came to obtain vitality for political power.
Yet others came to carry out wicked ambitions.
Yet unbeknownst to them, in this country lied a deep dark secret that little by little had started to rise to the surface...

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Full Version (Free) ► http://inishie-dungeon.com/en/


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What is going to happen to Inishie Dungeon when Flash goes away at the end of this year? I love the game I hope it gets ported.

Well everything is working for me, but MIYA please answer to my question when you will gonna add something and are you alive or not lol

Why you dont make updates anymore?

Actually they do, just very slow

huh I have an account on the full version for the Japanese and English versions.


This game was created over a period of 4 years.

Please enjoy! :)


It's a fantastic game miya! Good job. 


How glad I am! Thank you! XD